The New Millennium

A few years down the line, Sable Mountain Lodge opened it’s doors in Selous for the millennium in December 1999.  The Zanzibari boutique hotel opened in July 2009 and this completed the southern circuit of Selous, Saadani, Zanzibar with small and intimate camps off the beaten track.  Back then there were just 7 camps in the great Selous Game Reserve. A reserve the size of Switzerland, this park offered game drives all day without meeting another human soul.

Putting Back

A Tent With A View were one of the first to provide solar power in their safari camps and worked tirelessly for health and conservation in their “Putting Something Back” programme.  This evolved in 2010 and 2011 on to a huge involvement in anti-poaching and elephant conservation in Tanzania with the collaring of elephants in Saadani with the help of funding from US Aid & A Tent With A View as well as the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) led by the late Dr Alfred Kikoti, the number one elephant specialist in Tanzania.

Before and since then, we started a simple medical training programme in the village of Mkwaja in Saadani & Kisaki in Selous with final year student doctors from Southampton Medical school who also raised funding for supplies in each village.  We then evolved onto working with the "Bridge 2 Aid" NGO, whereby qualified UK dentists and dental nurses would volunteer to train Tanzanian personnel in tooth extraction, a  huge killer in rural villages in Tanzania

Innovation - The Bush Rover

Meanwhile, David and Masa were developing an idea of a working Land Rover which would open up like a butterfly into stunning accommodation complete with 14 x 16ft bedroom raised up several metres above the roof of the vehicle, completely solar powered with flush loo and even a bath tub in the back!  The Bush Rover suites were born in January 2017 and formed the Bush Rover migration camps set in 3 private and stunning locations throughout Serengeti always in the heart of the great wildebeest migration but away from the crowds.  In 2018, we will be operating the Bush Rover camp in the heart of Selous.  The base in the north of Tanzania for the Bush Rover suites is Little Okavanago Camp, a small 6 room base camp in one of the best sites for birding in the country and located a stone’s throw from the western Ndabaka gate of Serengeti on the edge of the floodlands of the famous Lake Victoria.

A Tent with a View started its life in 1995 in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire when friends David (Babs) Guthrie & Masoud (Masa) Kilanga together with Americans Tom Frasier & Jack White signed up to start their own mobile safari company in Tanzania.  David & Masa had met as safari guides in Selous in 1990 and dreamed of one day doing things their way.


Jack & Tom arrived as guests in Selous in 1993 where they were guided by David & Masa. Impressed by David and Masa’s combined knowledge and a dream to also have their own camps in Tanzania, a plan was hatched.  A Tent With A View was born, named after friend Robert Vavra’s beautiful photography book of the same name.  Life began with a mobile safari operation and quickly moved onto having an embryonic camp in Saadani National Park where the Tent with A View team were the very first people to operate back in late 1995.  The park at that time was unloved and still a game reserve but the setting was unique as the only coastal wildlife preserve in East Africa.  The unique combination of wild bush & beach offered something different completely off the beaten track.

David & Masa continue to be involved in the operation today on the ground in Tanzania and whilst David splits his year between Tanzania and at home in the UK with his wife Tara and daughter Lili, he continues, with Masa to be the driving force of the operation. 

Uncle Tom playing with his latest state of the art gadget at the first embryonic Saadani Camp on Day 1, 1995

David and guests with guide, Joseph (still with us) - 1995

Masa - Selous hot springs - 1991

Masoud (Masa) Kilanga

David Guthrie

Our managers are all Tanzanian who have mostly worked their way up through the company. Johnny Giles heads up Simply Saadani & Babs’ Camp in Saadani, Halfan Mbasha leads the team at Little Okavango Camp & Fabiola, Nzori & Modest share the management roles at The Zanzibari boutique hotel.  The office team, based out of Saadani is led by Mrisho Kilanga with Rey & Praygod looking after sales and logistics.  Over in the UK, Tara looks after marketing, supervises the Dar sales team as well as being responsible for all company legal work and health & safety. Tara took a year off from corporate law in 2009 and has never looked back…

A Tent With A View provides safaris with innovation and integrity with its people at the very heart of our success.

Ngorongoro Crater - Lili and friends

David and Tara

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