For the last year all of our lives have changed dramatically and sadly our travel wings have been tightly clipped. As much as we have technology to be mahooosively thankful for there are only so many virtual travel events and wildlife documentaries we can enjoy from our sofa, and though I am personally addicted to them they simply don’t compare to the exhilarating experience of a real African adventure!

When travel bans lift there is good reason to head to the wild wonders of Tanzania and here are 6 :)


After a year of lockdown I think many of us realise more than ever how much life is about enjoying experiences. Most of us have had plenty of ‘still’ time, so some real adventure has much appeal. We all need something wonderful to look forward to.

A safari in Tanzania is an ultimate bucket list experience and though usually saved for special occasions it feels like a nice time to treat the family.


Every family member is highly likely to see their favourite animal! As well as awesome animal encounters and geologicaThere are more than 4 million wild animals in Tanzania, 20% of Africa’s large mammal population are there. Lions, elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, buffaloes, hippos, gazelles, cheetahs, crocodiles, vultures, hyenas, exotic birds are common animals here. Every fl beauty you can climb mountains, dive in the Indian ocean, eat delicious food, lounge on beautiful beaches, immerse yourself in local culture, learn about conservation and sooo much more! There really is something for the entire family.


Respecting and valuing nature is being emphasised more and more. Getting close to wild animals (respectfully) in their natural environment leaves adults and children with such a sense of awe and appreciation, it can be quite emotional. The first time I saw a huge elephant bull up close I remember my heart thudding, another time as a lioness got up from her pride and walked directly towards me i was absolutely covered in goosebumps as i slumped down into my seat trying to shrink. She walked up to the vehicle close enough for me to touch her but she slinkered around the front and walked off into the bush. She won’t have even identified me as separate from the entire vehicle but the feeling was still immense!

Going on a family safari offers the chance to stimulate and open the mind and encourages your children to reconnect with nature and each other.


Tanzania relies heavily on tourism and sadly due to the global pandemic wildlife conservation and community empowerment has seen a huge decrease in funding. This means Africa’s endangered species are more vulnerable to theft for the illegal wildlife trade and to poaching. Local communities are left without the support that helps them economically and socially.

So as well as having the trip of a lifetime in this incredibly beautiful country, choosing to take your family on a safari also contributes to its well being and survival! Join the conscious travel train :)


Tanzania is geologically spectacular! Breathtaking, varied landscapes constantly feed your eyes. There is a gorgeous choice of national parks and game reserves and they are all different. You can try different types of safari such as walking or river safaris. Eating your packed lunch on a little boat on a river whilst hippos spy on you and crocs sunbathe along the banks is really quite special.

Add to this the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean in surrounding islands such as Zanzibar or the wilderness beaches at Saadani.

Amazing safaris & Tropical beaches - a marriage made in heaven!!


A safari holiday to Tanzania can be totally put together to suit particular interests and travel tastes. There is a route, a park, a lodge, a tour to suit everyone and it’s the best place in the world to personalise a trip.

There are two main ‘safari circuits’ - The Northern Circuit includes the stars of Tanzania, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, the Southern Circuit includes Selous and Ruaha, is quieter away from the crowds and offers a more remote wilderness experience.

To sum up Tanzania is without question one of the best countries in the whole world to experience a walk on the wild side. Once you have been, it is easy to see why Tanzania is such an iconic and authentic safari destination.