A safari adventure is one of THE most exciting trips you could ever go on. Being immersed in what is mostly untouched nature surrounded by wildlife is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s one holiday you will be talking about for a long time after it’s over!

The usual holiday packing list may leave you missing a few essentials. Here are my top 5 to get you started:


Layers!! I can’t stress how important layering is! Yes it’s Tanzania, yes it gets hot BUT the mornings and evenings can get cool whilst out on a safari game drive. This is when most of the game drives are because the animals are more active, in the cooler hours.

If you are in an open top safari vehicle, the cool air can give you a chill especially as you set off. Often blankets are supplied but I strongly recommend:

Something long to wear over your shorts, but easy to take off as it gets hotter. Think comfort, you’ll be sat on your bum a while.

A vest or t-shirt with one or two long sleeved zipper tops, so you can layer/un-layer accordingly.

Zipped pockets come in handy for securing bits and bobs.

Into the wilds of the Serengeti

Socks - I start off (shamelessly) wearing a long pair of socks with my Tevo sandals, I know I know, but practicality pays in the bush. Socks provide some protection from insects as well as keeping those tootsies warm.

Colours - you don’t have to go all out khaki but do think neutral. While khaki does make a lot of sense, beige, taupe, grey etc are fine too. Avoid black (can attract flies) and red (the colour of blood)!

2. HAT

I wear either a khaki foldable hat with a wide brim that I picked up in accessorize at the airport, or a cap. It needs to have a firm fit on your head so it doesn’t blow off when on a game drive. It protects you from the sun, keeps dust out of your hair and your hair out of your eyes.


These are provided by some (conscious) safari companies but it’s one of those things that I do like to have of my own. I really like Chilly’s Bottles, they have a wide variety of colours and stylish designs. You can even have them personalized.

Tent with a View always has integrity at its heart and provides an awesome reusable bottle that is also available to buy. They make a great memento from the trip too!

Reusable is of course always favourable over plastic single use water bottles. We need to be conscious and contribute to plastic free oceans and a cleaner environment wherever we can. Every little helps.

End single use plastic in Tanzania - bring a reusable water bottle!


You will need a camera with a longer lens on safari to get higher quality images. More on this in my Which Camera? blog

I think it’s important to remember to simply be in the moment too, yes get the image but don’t be a slave to the phone or the camera. Remember to just ‘be’ there too, to absorb as much as you can with your naked eye, breathe in the specialness of the experience.

Binoculars are very cool as they bring the object/scene closer.


Ok so this is a cheeky extra point just to mention some things you probably don’t need.

For example you don’t need perfume or strong chemical deodorants. Personal hygiene still matters of course, (I don’t want to smell stronger than a hyena) but for me, a more natural brand like Pitrok which uses natural mineral salts to deodorise is way more apt. I like that it isn’t tested on animals, is skin friendly, alcohol free and unscented. Perfect for time in nature.

Jewellery - leave your best and sparkly bits at home.

The secret to Tetse-free feet!

Fancy clothes - you will get dusty, maybe a bit dirty from climbing in and out of the vehicle, and creased.

So these are some of my essentials. I have expanded on each section in other blogs so please enjoy reading more on any area that is of particular interest to you :)