The intent behind the set up of A Tent with a View was to protect the wildlife of Africa, in particular Tanzania, and we have never lost that goal, continuing to put something back through healthcare, conservation & education projects which we run on the ground ourselves. From the outset in 1995, our vision was to bring people to experience the wonders of the wildlife of Tanzania and get close to its people without leaving a giant human footprint. This is why we were one of the first to power our camps entirely by solar energy as well as successfully filling our senior management roles with a new generation of home-grown talent.

Our “Doctors on Safari” initiative brought final year medical students from Southampton University to Tanzania staying for a month in each of our camps in Selous Game Reserve and Saadani National Park whilst assessing the needs of the local dispensary and medical facilities in the nearby villages.

Our joint-initiative with an NGO called Bridge 2 Aid brought dentists and dental nurses to Tanzania for several weeks each year to teach local village personnel how to extract teeth. We helped to facilitate this and offered free accommodation in our safari camps in Selous, Saadani & Lake Victoria.

Perhaps our most noteworthy initiative was the setting up of the Tanzania Elephant Protection Society (TEPS) with the late Dr Alfred Kikoti, the country’s leading expert on elephants and wildlife conservation.

Our latest ongoing project is our work with schools throughout Cumbria in the UK highlighting the need to protect the environment through our Cumbria Eco Forum.

More detail on these projects can be found in the Care with a View section in “About Us”.