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Unparalleled knowledge & experience of safaris in Tanzania for 30 years with small intimate camps away from the crowds.

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tanzania safari tours holidays


Serengeti migration and the famous parks of Tanzania

Four of Tanzania’s most famous parks   •   Best wildlife Africa has to offer   •   Award-winning Bush Rover migration camp
Safari in open Land Rovers   •   Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Tarangire

US $4895


tanzania safari tours holidays


Classic Tanzania safari and Zanzibar beach holiday

Serengeti National Park   •   NgoroNgoro Crater
Lake Victoria and Manyara   •   Tarangire
Zanzibar beaches

US $5860

Safari for solo travellers

tanzania safari tours holidays


Tanzania Migration
Safari for solo travellers

Serengeti migration   •   ​Lake Victoria
Small group experience
Award-winning Bush Rover migration camp
Experience local culture   •   ​Fantastic wildlife in very different parks

US $4460


tanzania safari tours holidays


Family Serengeti Safari & Zanzibar

Safari in famous Serengeti   •   Discover Lake Victoria
Off the beaten track   •   Zanzibar beaches
Stay in small and intimate lodges 

US $3040


tanzania safari tours holidays


Zanzibar Honeymoon Beach Holiday & Safari

Unique safari & beach tour   •   Saadani: off the beaten track
Combine 2 beach destinations   •   Car, boat and foot safaris
Zanzibar beach & culture

US $2495

A Tent With a View

Tanzania has so many jewels with endless tour combinations to suit all wishes and budgets. There is an overwhelming choice of things to do that the country warrants more than one visit as each trip can be so different from the last. Tanzania can easily get under your skin and tempt you back time and time again. Whether it be that safari holiday you dreamed of, the perfect honeymoon to ease you into married life or a great family tour before the children fly the nest, we can offer something extra special.

From an off the beaten track safari like no other, great beaches and world class diving, to climbing Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is one of the great holiday destinations of the world.

From the moment you land to the moment you leave, we will take care of everything. Our goal? To give you something extra special that you won’t experience with anyone else.


Tanzania offers some of the richest and most rewarding safari experiences in the world. Whether it's off the beaten track tours, or family holidays, photography safaris or special trips for solos, A Tent With a View, with 30 years’ experience on the ground, can find your perfect safari match.

We have unique options for the keenest bird watching enthusiasts and spectacular honeymoons across Tanzania. Stunning beach holidays may include a safari from Zanzibar and remember to always keep an eye out for one of our special holiday offers.

Off the beaten track safari holidays

Off-the Beaten Track Safari Holidays

Tanzania and its parks are vast. Many spectacular safari tours can be found without the crowds. We'll take you there.

Serengeti migration tours

Serengeti Great Migration Tours

Live and breathe the great Serengeti migration from the incredible Bush Rover Suites.

safari holiday for solo travelers

Safari Holiday for Solo Travellers

Safari holidays often produce exhilarating moments. Make friends to share them with on one of our solo traveller tours.

honeymoon in Tanzania

Honeymoon in Tanzania

Extraordinary wildlife, white sand beaches and a rich melting pot of cultures; blend your own heady cocktail for the perfect honeymoon safari holiday in Tanzania.

safari and beach holidays

Safari & Beach Holidays

From the world-famous Serengeti NP & the island of Zanzibar to the hidden parks of the South and stunning beaches on the mainland coast; Tanzania offers every conceivable blend of safari and beach holiday.

Family safari holiday

Family Safari Holidays

The commitment of A Tent With A View to conservation and community, blended with the breath-taking safari holiday destinations, allows us to offer the perfect fun & educational family tours to Tanzania.

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Our Lodges

It goes without saying that all A Tent With A View camps and lodges offer bespoke and beautiful safari holiday accommodation. What really sets us apart are our unique designs and ethical practices. From the multi award-winning bush rovers to our new UN sustainable development goal centres and from the hand cut waterways of Little O to our extensive wildlife research programmes, innovation and integrity lie at the heart of all our safari and beach hotel operations.

Bush Rover Suites Serengeti National park

Bush Rover Suites
Serengeti National Park

Incredible wildlife safari. Awe-inspiring wildebest great migration all visible from the unique Bush Rover suite

Simply Saadani Camp Saadani National Park

Simply Saadani Camp
Saadani National Park

Imagine a single spot where lion’s den & turtles nest. The magic of our unique safari & beach hotel in Saadani National Park, the closest wildlife reserve to Zanzibar

Little Okavango Camp Lake Victoria

Little Okavango Camp
Lake Victoria

Unique hotel with extraordinary bird-watching safaris on its own Lake Victoria waterways. Serengeti wildlife visible from the hotel viewing tower

Sable Mountain Lodge Nyerere selous National Park

Sable Mountain Lodge
Nyerere National Park

Stunning accommodation with spectacular forest & mountain views. Safari by foot on the myrriad animal trails around the boundary of Selous Nyerere park. No park fees to pay!

The Zanzibari hotel Zanzibar

The Zanzibari hotel

Relaxed and quiet, just 15 minutes’ walk outside of the bustling Nungwi village, The Zanzibari Hotel offers the perfect beachfront retreat to unwind after a safari holiday in Tanzania.

Nyamiruba Camp Nyerere National Park

Nyamiruba Camp
Nyerere National Park

The newest addition to our safari accommodation, Nyamiruba camp is set in the very heart of Selous/Nyerere national park on the shores of the hippo-filled lake which bears its name.


A Tanzanian safari tour is, truly, one of the great holiday options on earth. Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar are all names considerably more famous than Tanzania itself! The great wildebeest migration occurs for 365 days each year, almost two million animals moving across the Serengeti eco-system always within Tanzania. There is more, much, much more. Nyerere (formerly Selous Game Reserve) is Africa’s largest national park. Lake Victoria, bordering Serengeti and the new Burigi-Chato park, is the second largest expanse of fresh water in the world. Saadani is an entirely unique wildlife preserve, fronted by Indian Ocean beaches and just a few miles from Zanzibar. The list is very long for this never-to-be-forgotten holiday destination.


Lake Victoria




Selous Nyerere


Saadani Elephants

From 2010-2014 our Saadani Research Centre was the hub for an elephant collaring programme devised to assess the viability of traditional corridors used by the great pachyderms to move between protected areas. The work has vastly improved our understanding of the elephant population of Saadani and has led to us lobbying hard to protect vital habitat.

Your Safari Guide

The video found on the end of this link is our best effort to explain the wonderful safari tour options Tanzania has to offer. It builds a jigsaw of amazing safari and beach holiday experiences and, hopefully, makes clear how best to put the pieces together.

The Great Migration

The Serengeti migration is the Holy Grail of safari holiday experiences. For 365 days of the year the herds circle, clockwise, the Serengeti eco-system, always in Tanzania. 

Witness the amazing spectacle alone or in very limited company when the herds move South from December to March

Our Projects

A Tent With A View is renowned for its project work, with wildlife and within communities. We continue to study and support land and marine animal protection whilst working to enhance the lives of communities living around parks. Our new UN sustainable development goal centres are a very exciting development.

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One of the major issues anticipated during the Covid-19 pandemic has been encroachment into Tanzania’s national parks. With no tourists, there are far fewer eyes to raise the alarm if bad things begin to occur. There is also a drastic loss of revenue for ...

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Tent With a View has its own network of camps, lodges and hotels which are at the heart of all the tours we offer. As a result, we are not vulnerable to the whims of other hoteliers and are much better placed to offer reliable long-term price stability.