Kilimanjaro – some facts

  • The world’s highest free-standing mountain at 5885 metres (19,308 ft)
  • Kili is a dormant volcano with 3 peaks, Kibo, Mawenzi & Shira with the summit being the Uhuru (“freedom”) peak
  • The first recorded climb was in 1889
  • Mount Kilimanjaro forms part of Kilimanjaro National Park

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain and the world’s highest free-standing mountain. It is climbed each year by enthusiastic visitors to Tanzania from accomplished climbers to first timers climbing for charity. They each have the same goal - reaching the snow-capped summit. Some take 5 days, others take 8 depending on the route chosen. There are a number of alternative routes,some busier than others. We have a fantastic partner in Tanzania who specialises in Kili climbs established for more than 35 years and family-run. They have a phenomenal success rate of over 90%. Most guests who climb Kili combine it with a safari & beach break. We can create the whole experience for you whether it be just the climb or a combination with a safari and/or beach. Between us we have more than 65 years’ experience on the ground.

Best time to visit

It can get cold on Kili so the most favoured time is to go during the hottest months in Tanzania which is January and February each year. That said, there are still visitors who climb it in July through October but temperatures will be lower.

Most people combine a Kili climb with & safari and some days on the beach.

Our favoured routes

We have included the 3 most popular routes - the Marangu route, Machame route and Lemosho route with climbs between 7-9 days. It is recommended that climbers take a minimum of 7 days to do the climb. The per person price reduces the larger the group. We have quoted the price based on 2 people doing the climb. It’s important to note that all climbers must be 16 years or older.