Tarangire is a gem of a park in the north of the country close to Mayara national park. Many people rush past it to get to the more famous names of the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti but miss so much by not stopping here. This is a lovely park full of wildlife, wild and remote with much fewer visitors than the very busy Ngorongoro and central Serengeti.

Paul Oliver originally set up this camp when he was out on anti-poaching projects in Tarangire. It is now owned and operated by Asilia. The camp has retained its authenticity and character as well as offering high standards of hospitality and service. Whilst it is much more pricey than other camps, it is a great camp in one of the best spots in the park overlooking floodplains where elephant love to gather so you can watch from your balcony! This is a great spot from where to explore the remote southern part of the park.

Due to the remoteness of the camp and well spaced tented rooms and very comfortable mess tent, this camp feels exclusive. Kick back for a beer or G&T after a safari in one of the leather armchairs.

An added bonus in staying at Oliver’s as opposed to other camps inside the park, is that guests can foot safari or night drive from the camp which needs special permission in most national parks.

If you choose to get into the park, we recommend a minimum of 2 nights at Oliver’s camp.