Serengeti Migration, Wildebeest calvings from the Bush Rover Suites


After the November rains when the fresh grasses grow in the south- east of Serengeti, the wildebeest continue to move from north to south. The Bush Rover Suites are in situ, having arrived at their final annual destination in the area of Kusini. The camp will remain here, with the wildebeest, until mid-March before heading back to base camp at Lake Victoria for the rains of April and May. Whilst nobody is doubting the drama of the Mara river location, there is something very special about a Kusini Bush Rover experience. The site is beautiful and overlooks a secluded shallow crater hidden in extensive woodland but still just a stones throw from the vast open plains that teem with wildebeest at this time of year. The real magic of this camp is its seclusion, away from every other facility throughout this period when the migration is in the area. Guests of the Kusini Bush Rover Suites often witness the migrating herds alone and this whole experience cannot be underestimated. That alone would be enough but this also happens to be the best place to see Cheetah in the Serengeti.