Meet the Team

Halfan Mbasha: General Manager

Halfan Mbasha:
General Manager

Halfan Mbasha, known universally as “Mbasha”, began life in Sable Mountain in 2003 as a waiter. Showing great promise, Mbasha climbed through the ranks quickly and today is our General Manager at Sable Mountain. Mbasha comes from the local village of Kisaki as do a number of the team at Sable. Mbasha is a very sociable person and you will find him most evenings at the bar telling tales of the bush and most likely will have the pleasure of his company for dinner in the evening at some point during your stay.

Augustino (Tino): Food & Beverage Manager

Abdullah (Dullah):
Food & Beverage Manager

Dullah is very quiet and unassuming and you may well miss him talking to him on a visit but he is always in the background making thinsg tick in the kitchen and bar or giving the menu briefing at dinner. Dullah started his time with us in our lodge in Saadani National Park back in 2003 and is now food and beverage manager at Sable Mountain.

Augustino (Tino): Food & Beverage Manager

Front of House

Shaban is Mbasha’s right hand man and will often be the person to give you your initial briefing at Sable Mountain on arrival but he will also be visible most evenings to chat to as well. Shaban also heads up room maintenance and attendance.


Rama: Safari Guide

Safari guide

There are so many Ramas in the company and this one is Rama guide! Rama started life at Sable Mountain as a waiter but showed his passion for wildlife early on and was trained years ago to be a guide. Rama takes his job as chief guide very seriously and few know Selous Game Reserve as well as him.


Saidi: Head Chef

Head chef

Saidi chef started with us in our original Saadani lodge in the 1990’s and is now our head chef in Sable Mountain in Selous. These days Saidi spends lots of time moving around training chefs but you will still find him sometimes in Sable. On Swahili buffet nights, you will meet the chefs and also at breakfast, they are usually around. It is quite amazing what the chefs produce from their bush ovens.


Cosmas: Room Attendant

Room attendant

Cosmas helped to build Sable Mountain in 1999 and stayed with us ever since and is now head of rooms and maintenance.


Meet the Team
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