Meet The Team

Johnny Giles: General Manager

Johnny Giles:
General Manager

Johnny has been with us since 1996 and started his life in Saadani as our waiter & barman. Climbing through the ranks, Johnny is now our General Manager. Originally from the region of Tanga, north of Saadani National Park, Johnny has recently become a father for the third time to a third daughter, Susan. Quiet and unassuming, Johnny runs a tight ship and is well respected by his team.


Augustino (Tino): Food & Beverage Manager

Augustino (“Tino”):
Food & Beverage Manager

Tino just loves his job and the restaurant is his stage. A big personality, Tino loves making cocktails and chatting to guests. At our annual New Year's Eve party, Tino particularly comes into his own as master of ceremonies for the night !


Masai Michael: Assistant Camp Manager

Masai Michael:
Assistant Camp Manager

Masai Michael, together with Tino & Johnny, make up an excellent management team of three and complement each other well. When Michael is not watching his beloved Man U, you will likely meet him on your arrival at the camp for a briefing and a drink. Michael is also responsible for our talks on pastoralism, the Masai way of life and our Swahili buffet nights at the boma!


Tiso: Safari Guide

Safari guide

Tiso has been a guide in Saadani for many years and has been with us since the camp opened back in 2003. Nobody knows Saadani as well as Tiso and if anyone is going to find elephants and Lions, Tiso is your man.


Francis: Safari Guide

Safari guide

Francis and Tiso cannot help but compete when it comes to spotting wildlife out on safari. Francis is also responsible for our conservation talks, particularly about elephants so if you don’t go out on safari with him, you will likely meet him at the wildlife research centre.


Ema: Head Chef

Head chef

Ema started with us in our Zanzibar hotel, The Zanzibari, as a junior pastry chef, but it wasn’t long before we spotted Ema’s raw cooking talent and after he specified a desire to be in the bush, he moved to Simply Saadani Camp a few years ago and is now our head chef. Ema’s cinnamon buns with icing are legendary!


Basalisa: Waitress


Basilisa is Ema’s lovely wife and a superb addition to Tino’s team in the restaurant. Adding a wonderful feminine touch to the restaurant, Basilisa has just had a baby girl called Veronica who is sister to Venuns.


Rama: Waiter


As the most common name in the camp is Rama, we call restaurant Rama “Rama waiter”. We also have “Rama office”, “Rama rooms” and “Rama tailor” as well as “Rama gardener”..... Rama splits his time between the Simply Saadani restaurant and Babs’ camp.


Coacher: Room Assistant

Room attendant

Kocha is affectionately known by this name as he is football mad and used to coach his local village team. Kocha can often be found discussing tactics with the Simply Saadani for Manchester United and if not doing that, he’ll be cleaning your room and dreaming of cup glory !


Rama: Room Attendant

Room attendant

Rama room is Kocha’s side kick and always smiling.


Rama Pangala

Rama Pangala:
Head of Security

Rama is head of security at Simply Saadani and takes his job very seriously.  You will meet Rama on patrol either during the day or accompanying you from or to your room at night.  Rama is a gentle giant who helps us feel super secure when he is around and has the best smile which can catch you off guard as he also looks like The Terminator.



Chief Driver & Vehicle Maintenance

Leo has been working with us since the original Tent With A View safari lodge opened in 2003. You will most likely meet Leo when you are picked up from the airstrip or driven somewhere on safari. As well as being our chief driver, Leo is responsible for the maintenance of all of our safari vehicles.

Meet the Team
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