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Bush Rover Ultimate Experience by Caitriona Carey

It’s a cool Serengeti sunrise, the wind has died but I’m happy to wrap a Masai blanket around my shoulders and take my seat. From a magisterial elevation, I survey the animal scape before me. Elephants fresh from crossing the river, asleep among a glade of trees, wildebeest gathering on the far bank. Readying themselves for an adrenalin-filled charge to the south side, and the final mournful roar of a lion pride closing their hunting shift. This is the magic of life in a Bush Rover on the Mara river. Spectacular wildlife in fabulous isolated settings with all the comforts you could wish for. I haven’t stopped smiling since we arrived at the camp. Four Land Rovers, far from the safari crowds, turned into stunning rooms. 

Each has its own solar hot water system, a bath in the back, a spiral staircase to the amazing balcony and a beautiful bedroom. There’s a king size double bed, a sofa, cherry wood desk, wardrobe, stylish lamps and even sockets fed by a solar power supply. It’s hard to believe all this is in a working Land Rover, and keeps me smiling throughout this adventure. 

With the morning sun driving out the earlier chill, the wildebeest tease us. They gather, pressing themselves to the bank of the river, only to spring free and coil again nearby. Eventually a friendly face appears, to entice us down from our revelry. We are escorted from our Bush Rovers and gather in the restaurant tent for breakfast. Someone is blushing, with a large grin on their face, recounting an article they just read whilst watching the migrating herds from the passenger seat loo of their vehicle. The conversation inevitably turns to crossings and whether or not we will get lucky today. Then a shout from the guide alerts us and before our eyes the wildebeest begin to leap in the water. “Up onto your balconies!” he cries “the magic is upon us”