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Our Safari Camps, Lodges and Hotels in Tanzania & Zanzibar

Discover your ideal getaway in Tanzania with our selection of cozy safari camps, intimate lodges, and charming hotels. Whether you prefer a rustic wilderness retreat or a luxurious escape, we have something to suit your preferences and ensure an unforgettable holiday experience.

Safari Camps & ​Lodges in Tanzania

Since A Tent With A View began offering safari tours in Tanzania back in 1995, we have developed a network of beautiful bespoke camps, lodges and hotels across the safari parks and Zanzibar. 

It all began with Simply Saadani camp in Saadani National Park back in 1995, Sable Mountain Lodge in Selous/Nyerere NP followed in 1999 and The Zanzibari was built, in the North of the island beach paradise in 2008. Babs Camp tower was erected after we began studying the elephants of Saadani in 2010. 

More recently we have expanded North, building Little Okavango camp on the shores of Lake Victoria and bringing a whole new style of operation to Serengeti National Park with our Bush Rover migration camps. Brand new in 2022 is Nyamiruba camp in Selous Nyerere National Park.

Bush Rover Suites Serengeti National park accommodation

Bush Rover Migration camp
Serengeti National park

The multi award-winning Bush Rover camp is simply one of a kind. It sits at the very heart of the great migration as the vast herds moves around the Serengeti and it affords breath-taking elevated views from possibly the most innovative safari accommodation in Africa.

Simply Saadani Camp Saadani National park accommodation

Simply Saadani Camp
Saadani national park

With 700 metres of pristine beach along its front and wonderful array of Tanzania’s wildlife nearby, Simply Saadani is more than the perfect lodge to start or finish a safari holiday.

Little Okavango Camp, Lake Victoria, Serengeti accommodation

Little Okavango Camp
Lake Victoria

Sandwiched between the incredible Lake Victoria and the amazing Serengeti National Park, Little O offers water-borne accommodation surrounded by great wildlife, dazzling birdlife and a fascinating fishing community.

Sable Mountain Lodge, Selous game reserve, Nyerere National park accommodation

Sable Mountain Lodge
Nyerere National Park

Now 23 years old, Sable Mountain Lodge is at one with its surroundings and wildlife. With breath-taking views to the Uluguru mountains, across verdant forest, it is a wonderful spot from which to explore Selous/Nyerere NP.

The Zanzibari hotel, Zanzibar accommodation

The Zanzibari hotel

Relaxed and quiet, just 15 minutes’ walk outside of the bustling Nungwi village, The Zanzibari Hotel offers the perfect beachfront retreat to unwind after a safari holiday in Tanzania.

Nyamiruba camp, Nyerere National park, Selous game reserve accommodation

Nyamiruba Camp
Nyerere National Park

The newest addition to our safari accommodation, Nyamiruba camp is set in the very heart of Selous/Nyerere NP on the shores of the hippo-filled lake which bears its name.