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Off-The Beaten Track Safari Holidays

Tanzania and its parks are vast. Many special safari tours experiences await those who look to break the mould. Whether your goal is to look for an exclusive view of the famous Serengeti migration or find something barely touched by the hand of tourism, we’ll take you there.

Southern Tanzania Safari, Selous and Saadani

10 Days

Selous game reserve   •   Saadani national park   •   4x4, boat and foot safaris    •   ​Best place to spot African hunting dogs

US $5355

Serengeti Calving Season - The Authentic Migration

8 Days

Serengeti National Park   •   ​​In the heart of the great migration   •   ​​The very best of Tanzanian wildlife safari

US $7290

Ultimate Tanzania Safari

15 Days

Safari in 5 very different parks   •   Serengeti great migration   •   ​Off-the beaten track   •   Remote areas full of wildlife

US $9185


No one does off-the-beaten-track safaris like A Tent With A View. Whether you’re looking for a classic Tanzanian safari experience without the regular attention of other vehicles, or hoping to discover a new unspoilt paradise, we know where to find you the answers.

The Great Migration Without The Crowds

It's hard to imagine the greatest wildlife show on earth can still be experienced alone, but it can. Remoter safaris are a fantastic way of seeing the wonders of Tanzania.    From December to March the great herds gather in the southeast of the National Park, reaching the most southerly limits of the Serengeti National Park. Our Bush Rover suites are isolated in a spectacular area where wildebeest often gather in huge numbers during this time, calving and under threat from numerous predators.

Hidden Gems of the Tanzania Safari World

Tanzania is home to world-famous sites and attractions. But as well as those beautiful sites, Tanzania is also home to some true hidden gems, including: 

  • The explosion of new life in the Selous and Nyerere National Park during its green season.
  • The Serengeti wetlands where the star of the show is the dazzling birdlife which can include shoebills.
  • Saadani, where mangroves and salt flats hide turtle’s nests and lion’s dens.

Unique Cultural Experiences

Over 30 years of operation, A Tent with a View has nurtured strong relations within the communities where it operates
The support we offer these communities is of a magnitude few companies would contemplate and the resultant bonds we have made ensure we can offer you a wonderful immersion into Tanzanian life.

Expert Guides 

The more remote the location, the more important the guide to bring it to life. A Tent With A View’s guides have considerable experience trekking through Tanzania’s wildlife, and we have more than 30 years of experience working with local Tanzanians to create a sustainable, unique safari experience.

Spectacular Accommodation

Your comfort is of great importance to us and the extraordinary accommodation, service and culinary delights we offer on each safari holiday is something we are proud of, particularly off the beaten track.

Fine-Tuning Your Hidden Safari 

Our off the beaten track safaris are for those looking to break the mould. Inevitably, you may want to tinker with the safari tours we have put together to create your perfect experience. Our expert sales team will be thrilled to help you with this.

I absolutely loved my time with Tent with a view. 

The locations, the drives, the food, the service, the hospitality were all second to none and I could not have felt more welcomed. 

I truly felt like I was the most important person during my time there and I have made memories for life for sure. 

I cannot thank everyone enough for my time spent there. It was truly an amazing experience.

Peter B

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What exactly is an off the beaten track safari?

An off the beaten track safari involves exploring lesser-known or less-visited areas of Tanzania's national parks and reserves, away from the usual tourist routes. It offers a more authentic and intimate wildlife experience.

What sets off the beaten track safaris apart from traditional safaris?

Off the beaten track safaris offer a more exclusive and intimate experience, with fewer crowds and a greater focus on exploring untouched wilderness areas. They provide opportunities for unique wildlife encounters and a deeper connection with nature.

Which areas of Tanzania are considered off the beaten track for safaris?

Off the beaten track safaris often include remote areas of The Serengeti, and the Southern Circuit parks like Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve), Saadani National Park, Mikumi and Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Ruaha National Park and Katavi National Park.

What wildlife can we expect to see on an off the beaten track safari?

While the specific wildlife sightings can vary, off the beaten track safaris typically offer opportunities to see a wide range of animals, including elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, zebras, and various bird species, often in less crowded environments.

Are off the beaten track safaris suitable for families with children?

Off the beaten track safaris can be suitable for families with children, but it's essential to consider factors such as the remoteness of the areas, accommodation options, and the preferences and comfort levels of all family members.

Are off the beaten track safaris environmentally sustainable?

Many off the beaten track safari operators prioritize sustainability and conservation efforts, working closely with local communities and wildlife authorities to minimize environmental impact and support conservation initiatives. It's essential to choose responsible operators committed to eco-friendly practices.