Serengeti Migration, Wildebeest crossings from the Bush Rover Suites


During mid-July, the Bush Rover Suites move from the west to the north of Serengeti with a stunning site with a view of the great Mara river that many would envy. Why is this so important? At this time of year the herds move to this area in the far north to graze on the new grasses in this area. To see an actual crossing of the Mara river by thousands of wildebeest is the holy grail of wildlife viewing. The fact that the Bush Rovers sit with a view of an unofficial crossing point from each of the 4 balconies is priceless as even after guests have returned from a game drive, if anything looks like it is occurring by the river, this team can spot it and move quickly into the best position away from the crowds which is not only better for guests but also better for the wildlife too. Share this with a maximum of just 8 guests in camp at any one time.