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Safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania

Mainland Tanzania is just a stone’s throw away, with its magical wildlife tours. Elephants, giraffe, lions, hippos and crocs await just 30 miles across the water. Why not nip across to Saadani, Selous or Serengeti National Park and enjoy safaris by Land Rover, by boat or on foot.

Safari from Zanzibar

safari from zanzibar

2 days

Two Day Safari from Zanzibar to Saadani

  • 20 minutes from Zanzibar
  • Best of Tanzania’s wildlife
  • Safari in open Land Rovers
  • Foot & Boat safaris
  • Excellent food
  • Accommodation on the wild beach

US $865

Safari from Zanzibar

safari from zanzibar

3 days

Safari from Zanzibar to Selous Game Reserve

  • 50 minutes from Zanzibar
  • Best place to see African Wild dogs
  • Explore Tanzania's largest park
  • Boat safari on Lake Tagalala
  • Accommodation in the heart of wilderness

US $1595

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Safari from Zanzibar. Explore Tanzania's Wildlife.

If you're planning a trip to Zanzibar and want to experience the thrill of a safari, you're in luck! Tanzania is home to some of the best wildlife parks in the world, and many of them are just a short flight away from Zanzibar.

Here's everything you need to know about taking a safari from Zanzibar:

  • Safari Parks : Tanzania has several safari parks that you can visit from Zanzibar. Some of the most popular ones include Serengeti National Park, Saadani National Park and Nyerere National park, formerly Selous Game Reserve. Each of these parks has its own unique wildlife and landscapes.
  • Safari Activities : The most popular activity on a safari is a game drive, where you can explore the park and spot a variety of wildlife. ​We do boat safaris in Saadani and Selous, which gets you close to water based wildlife including hippos, crocodiles and large variety of birds. You can also go on guided walks, take hot air balloon rides, and visit local villages to learn about the traditional way of life in Tanzania.
  • Accommodation : All of our safari camps and lodges are small and intimate, offering our guests an immersive and authentic African safari experience and connection with nature in a truly unique way.
  • Safari Duration : The duration of your safari can vary depending on your interests and preferences. We recommend safari range from 2-7 days, with some longer tours available for those who want to explore multiple parks.
  • Getting There: Most safari parks in Tanzania are accessible by air, and there are several flights that operate from Zanzibar to various destinations on the mainland.

taking a safari from Zanzibar is an excellent way to experience the best of Tanzania's wildlife and natural beauty.

With a range of safari parks to choose from, comfortable accommodation options, and exciting activities, you're sure to have an unforgettable adventure.